Piling and Repairs Piling and Repairs
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How Do You Know That You Have Foundation Problems?

How you can tell if you have FLOOR SLAB SETTLEMENT...

  • Sloping floor slab
  • Cracks in sheet rock above interior doors and doors are sticking
  • Space between the base board, partition walls, and floor slab
  • Cracks in the concrete floor, tile, and separation in hardwood floor

Causes of foundation or floor slab settlement

  • Soft soils under foundations or floor slab
  • Broken sewer line, water line, or floor drain under the floor slab
  • Failure to compact the soils properly during construction
  • Voids created by ground water
  • Trees sapping the ground water under the foundation

Floor Slab Settlement

A plumbing pipe beneath the floor slab of this residence broke. Water from the damaged pipe washed away a proportion of the supporting soil causing the foundation to settle. Our crews take great pride in keeping the work area clean. Once the pipe was repaired, we prepared the site prior to driving the grout injection pipes by removing the carpet and covering the walls. We then drilled 1-1/2" holes in the floor slab where needed in order to pressure grout under the concrete slab.



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