Piling and Repairs Piling and Repairs
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Why Pressure Grouting is the sustainable solution...

Why push or twist piers are not the total solution to foundation repairs.

  • Push or twist pier operators buy a franchise to place the piers and have to pay the franchise for the privilege of placing the piers.
  • We have seen more settlement on push or twist piers because they think they are on firm soil, but they are only on a hard shelf and the pier fails.
  • Push or twist piers or cables can rust (view image1, view image 2)
  • Push or twist piers can create voids under the footing or floor slab once they life the structure that can trap water that can lead to additional settlement.
  • Push or twist piers do not stabilize the soil as does Pressure Grouting.

Why pressure grouting is better than push or twist piers

  • The reason for pressure grouting for soil stabilization is to improve the soil's load bearing value and to spread the load on the soil over a larger area by improving the strength of the soil's structure.
  • Grout injection pipes are driven to a hard natural soil, injecting 3500psi grount at one foot intervals forming a 4' diameter pier under the footing isntead of trying to support the building on a 3" peice of pipe.
  • The pressure grouting will not leave a void under the footing or floor slab.
  • The pressure grouting is cleaner than trying to dig a hole to place a pier onthe footing or trying to put a huge hole in the floor slab to place a pier. We drill a one and a half inch whole in the floor slab.
  • The pressure grouting will divert water from the settlement area. This is why we can pressure ground in running water on earthen dams.

We use Pressure Grouting for:

  • Consolidating Loose Soils
  • Stabilizing Poor Bearing Soil
  • Raising or Stabillizing Settling Foundations and Floor Slabs
  • Repairs to Sewers and Pipe Lines
  • Stabilizing Around Present Pilings that are Settling or are Over Loaded
  • Grouted Cutoff Walls
  • Chemical Grout
  • Mud Jacking



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