Piling and Repairs Piling and Repairs
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Commercial & Residential Foundation Repair

We have been repairing foundations in the Memphis area since 1963!

We have been serving Memphis and the Mid-South area for 52 years with high quality foundation repairs. We are licensed and insured in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and in Alabama. We use a technique called pressure grouting to repair foundation. In many cases the problem is not with the foundation but it is the soils beneath the foundation. When the soil is unstable, foundations and floor slabs settle. Our pressure grouting process works by strengthening the bearing capacity of the soils under the existing structure. We go down to that firm hard layer of soils and inject a high strength grout at 1 foot intervals back up to the bottom of the existing structure. We monitor every foot of the grouting process by amount of grout pumped and the pressure per pound per square inch. Pressure grouting is our specialty and we have 52 years of experience serving the Mid- South residents and commercial project. We are the best and we look forward to serving our customer with high quality foundation repairs for the next 50 years.

We specialize in:

  • Pressure Grouting / Foundation Repair
  • Stabilize and Consolidate Loose Soils Under Floors & Foundations
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Chemical Grouting
  • Mud Jacking


Once a foundation begins to settle, some walls have a tendency to develop stress cracks. With the use of the pressure grouting method, it is possible to bring the sagging foundation back to its original elevation. Before pressure grouting
BEFORE Pressure Grouting
After pressure grouting
AFTER Pressure Grouting


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